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Are you a startup or early stage company with limited internal resources of people, capital, and time, with a dream to make your company successful?
Are you in a position where "you don't know what you don't know" is hurting you?  Most small businesses meet this definition and it can be fatal to a business if questions and answers are not identified and resolved.
Are you managing your business to a Business Plan to ensure you become aware of changing issues such as new competitors, potential new target markets, new regulations, and identifying potential Cash Flow issues?
Are you an operating company, which has hit an obstacle preventing you from growing to where you want to be?
Are you struggling to pay bills, meet payroll, hire additional staff, purchase equipment, or require more cash for other needs?
Do you need to obtain outside financing to provide the financial support necessary to build and grow your business?
Are you spending too much of your time putting out fires and dealing with operational problems, new regulations that impact your company or industry, rather than spending quality time marketing and selling your products and services?
If you have all the cash you need to operate and grow your business as planned, congratulations and best wishes for continued growth.  If you do not have sufficient cash to do everything you need to do to grow and prosper, you should consider investing in a professional expert to help position your company for success.  Engaging a professional will typically have a positive impact on Cash Flow because your limited internal resources can be utilized in managing the business, growing revenues, product development, and other necessary requirements to succeed.
As the Cash Flow Solutionist™ with over 40 years of experience, I will work with you and your team to position your company for success.  With my network of professional experts in a broad range of categories that I can call on when specific knowledge is required, it only takes one call to cover many bases.  I also have direct connections with banks, non-bank lenders, factors and accounts receivable financing sources.
"I give Bruce my highest recommendations on Business Planning Capability, Cash Flow Planning/Forecasting, Business Analysis, and Lecturing.  As a former entrepreneur, I would have profited enormously by having him on my management team at the time."
Alan Adams
College Finance and Accounting Professor, former Entrepreneur and Corporate Treasurer
Value-Pricing Options
Share Business Growth Strategies LLC pricing is designed with you - the client - in mind:  Value Based.  My pricing packages, each of which is renewable upon mutual written consent, will never exceed the contracted price. The specific areas of focus will be detailed in the contract.
If you engage Share Business Growth Strategies LLC on a consulting contract and decide to continue the relationship by hiring me to prepare or modify a Business Plan, the Business Plan will be discounted by 15%.  If you hire me to prepare or modify a Business Plan and want to continue the relationship by working with you on a consulting basis, the selected Engagement package price will be reduced by 15%.  
3-Month Engagement
Duration:  16 Hours
Investment:  $4,800 / $1,600 per Month
Discount for Prepayment (15%): $4,080
6-Month Engagement
Duration:  32 Hours
Investment:  $8,100 / $1,350 per Month
Discount for Prepayment (15%): $6,885
12-Month Engagement
Duration:  64 Hours
Investment: $12,900 / $1,075 per Month
Prepayment Discount (15%): $10,965
7-Day Assessment
If you are not sure of what you need, I offer a 7-day assessment of your needs, which includes the written assessment plus a 1-hour discussion of the results, for a fixed investment of $1,500.
Free 30-Minute Consultation
Before committing to any engagement, I offer a free 30-minute consultation, in which we will determine your specific needs and if we want to work together on your project.  I will also provide you with the proposed project scope and value-pricing. Just click on the "Free Consultation" tab in the upper right hand corner of this page and provide your contact information and any specific needs or issues.

“I wish you were my Business Professor in College!

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