Bruce Share
Managing Director and Cash Flow Solutionist
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Share Business Growth Strategies, LLC helps position YOU and your business for growth and prosperity by:

  -  Developing, writing, updating, and how to best implement an effective Business Plan

  -  Consulting on Maximization of Cash Flow

  -  Presenting custom-designed seminars and workshops

  -  Training and mentoring you and your staff

We rely on over 45 years experience to quickly identify your specific needs and obstacles, and develop solutions that will position your business for growth and prosperity.  We also offer an extensive network of professionals if you need more in-depth targeted expertise.

Every business and entrepreneur will at some time experience Bruce's Seven Deadly Words to Business Success: "You Don't Know What You Don't Know!"  For example, many business owners don't know that there are a number of specific insurance programs, especially for small businesses, that cover your operating expenses if you become disabled or unable to work.  We've got experience in domestic and international banking, developing and writing / updating effective Business Plans from early stage to established companies, cash flow management, and direct connections to small business financing sources.

We offer a free 30-minute consultation in order to quickly understand your specific issues and obstacles, and to show you how outsourcing your Business Plan and problem solving requirements to Share Business Growth Strategies, LLC will provide the extensive experience and independent perspective to help accelerate your growth.

Selective accomplishments include:

Prepared a Business Plan for a client who purchased a franchise; after 9 months, when a Cash Flow problem hit him hard, we modified his marketing plan to target a different market, resulting in a 92% increase in revenues within the next twelve months.

As the first American consultant hired by the Government of Kuwait post Iraqi-occupation to help re-build the Kuwaiti banking industry, I authored and presented a 5-day Costing of Bank Services seminar to representatives of each Kuwaiti bank including the Central Bank, as part of the Kuwaiti government's edict to train Kuwaiti nationals to run its own industries.  Subject matter included Overview (corporate organization, strategic and marketing planning, profitability measurement by business unit, customers, products), Set-up/Development (organization, business plans, products, and customers), and Activity Costing (bank costing and pricing theory, activity-based costing theory, pricing, overhead allocations, direct and indirect costs).

Teaching small business seminars for the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Northeast Region since 2012; teaching 4-session and 6-session seminars ("How to Start Your Own Business and Make It Successful") at Keefe At Night's Adult Education program; and presenting my own seminars at various locations. My seminars include: Maximize Cash Flow, How to Write an Effective Business Plan, Pricing, Maximize Cash Flow as You Scale, and custom-designed seminars. 

Speaker at Entrepreneurship classes at Babson College, Boston College, Bentley University, Northern Essex Community College, and Fisher College, where I also taught International Management to Juniors.

Business Plan Evaluator in the Babson College graduate and undergraduate Business Plan competition for over 15 years, and a Coach in Babson College's Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork Program (CLTP).

6 years as Secretary of the Defeat Diabetes Foundation, its Board of Directors, and Finance Committee.


Long Island University: Bachelor of Science (Finance)

Babson College:  Master of Business Administration and Certificate in Advanced Management

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Your Dream: Own a Successful Business.

To be successful, any business must have Cash. I will work with you to maximize CASH FLOW by:

  • Updating (or developing) your Business Plan, which is critical to successfully operating your business and managing CASH FLOW

  • Analyzing your financial schedules line by line, identifying known and unknown obstacles, and developing solutions 

  • Implementing these solutions, which may include outsourcing specific functions to my broad and growing network of professionals

  • Training and mentoring your staff on best practices for success

  • Helping to obtain bank financing, non-bank financing (with quick turnaround), accounts receivable financing, and other funding sources

Many business owners do not have the internal financial and human resources to perform every required function.  In many situations, outsourcing certain functions will have a positive impact on CASH FLOW.  Rather than struggle and take critical resources away from managing and growing your business, go with Share Business Growth Strategies LLC to help you achieve success.

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