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My Seven Deadly Words to Business Success:  "You Don't Know What You Don't Know." The Business Plan is the most important document you have to maximize Cash Flow and lead your company to success. An effective Business Plan must include answers to questions you don't yet know to ask, it must identify risks and how you will mitigate them, it must have detailed financial projections (budget) to track performance, and is a requirement to obtain financing.  Your Business Plan is a living document; it must constantly change to meet new challenges that occur every day.  The best Business Plan poorly executed will position you for failure.

Share Business Growth Strategies LLC will develop and produce a custom-designed and effective Business Plan, and mentor you and your staff on how to properly execute the Plan for success.   It is an essential document to maximize Cash Flow and financial performance, quickly identify problems and develop solutions, and grow your revenues and profitability.

An effective Business Plan will save you money, time and other resources.  Important factors include:

  • Necessary human and financial resources may not be available internally

  • Key staff may not have the in-depth knowledge or time it takes to prepare an effective Business Plan

  • Management team and staff members are focused on the critical aspects of a business: developing, marketing and selling the products and services

  • Generic Business Plan templates and quickly produced internal plans typically do not effectively represent your business

Important!!!  Always remember that lenders and equity investors never invest in a specific company; they invest in the management team's ability to implement the Business Plan.  With an effective and well-executed Business Plan, your business will be positioned to succeed.  Otherwise, your business will be positioned to fail.



Updates an existing Business Plan, one with a financial model in place, but needs to be updated to incorporate new markets, new sales and marketing strategies, plans for expansion or contraction, updates to manufacturing and operations requirements, new financial projections, and / or additional financing requirements.

Cost:  $3,600 Payment in Advance
Duration: Completed within 30 Days



Creates a new Business Plan including new financial projections from a prior or outdated Business Plan. Much of the information and data is available but some additional research is necessary, including an updated financial model and additional financing requirements. 

Cost:  $6,600  ($3,300 Prepayment / $3,300 Payment upon completion)

Prepayment Discount (15%):  $5,610 Payment in Advance
Duration: Completed within 45 Days


Creates a new, thorough, well researched and effective Business Plan including a new financial model and projections.  Requires significant industry, market and competitor research, manufacturing, operations and adminsistrative support and analysis, and outside expertise and resources as necessary.

Cost:  $9,600 ($3,200 Prepayment / $3,200 at 45 Days / $3,200 upon Completion

Prepayment Discount (15%):  $8,160 Payment in Advance
Duration:  Completed within 90 Days


If you are not sure of what you need, I offer a 7-day assessment of your needs, which includes the written assessment plus a 1-hour discussion of the results for a fixed investment of $1,500.  


Before committing to any engagement, I offer a free 30-minute consultation, in which we will determine your specific needs and if we want to work together on your project.  I will also provide you with Business Plan options and value-pricing.  Just click on the "Free Consultation" tab in the upper right hand corner of this page, and provide your contact information and any specifc needs or issues.  

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