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            Maximizing Cash Flow — 

         The Path to Prosperity


My Seven Deadly Words to Business Success are: "You Don't Know What You Don't Know."  You must identify all unanswered questions and provide solid solutions.  An effective Business Plan and Budget is essential to success.  Find out more by clicking below.  TYou need to he 


Does your company have sufficient cash to meet requirements? The internal human and financial resources to operate the business while identifying and solving your cash issues?   If your answer is NO, I will help you succeed.  Find out more by clicking below.


My seminars are specifically tailored to provide the knowledge and tools you need to grow your business. Focus is on Developing the Business Model, Business Plans, and Cash Flow. I'll also custom design a seminar to meet your specific needs. Find out more by clicking below:


Your Dream: Own a Successful Business.

To be successful, any business must have Cash. I will work with you to maximize CASH FLOW by:

  • Updating (or developing) your Business Plan, which is critical to successfully operating your business and managing CASH FLOW

  • Analyzing your financial schedules line by line, identifying known and unknown obstacles, and developing solutions 

  • Implementing these solutions, which may include outsourcing specific functions to my broad and growing network of professionals

  • Training and mentoring your staff on best practices for success

  • Helping to obtain bank financing, non-bank financing (with quick turnaround), accounts receivable financing, and other funding sources

Many business owners do not have the internal financial and human resources to perform every required function.  In many situations, outsourcing certain functions will have a positive impact on CASH FLOW.  Rather than struggle and take critical resources away from managing and growing your business, go with Share Business Growth Strategies LLC to help you achieve success.



My expertise in Business Planning and Cash Flow management is based on my being intimately involved in building and growing businesses for over 40 years, from multibillion dollar business units in a large corporate environment, to startup and early  stage businesses in a variety of industries, from a foreign government (Kuwait) to non-profits.  My extensive experience and accomplishments include providing consulting services, developing and writing Business Plans that work, and teaching seminars for the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center as well as my own custom-designed semnars.  I have also developed an extensive and growing list of network partners to provide specialized help to my clients, as well as bank and non-bank financing, factoring and accounts receivable financing, and other forms of financing.  

My complete biography is profiled at



Do you have a cash flow or Business Plan issue you're having trouble resolving? Are you and your staff taking up valuable time attempting to improve your cash flow without success?  Do you have some basic questions about your business?


Email me below for a free 30-minute discussion of your specific issues and potential action steps to resolve them.

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